Connecticut Title & Escrow prides itself on offering flat fee closings.  Our fee is comprehensive for all legal work and costs incurred by the firm for your closing, including title search, title review, document preparation, courier fees, and phone/facsimile fees.
On average, our pricing will be 10-15% LOWER than other firms. Per Connecticut law, our closing fee cannot include the title insurance premium. This is a separate charge which will always be based on the purchase price and/or loan amount.  Please call or email us to receive your title insurance premium quote.  All rates are determined by the state of Connecticut and cannot be discounted. 

Below is an average of our Attorney Fee Schedule over the past year as of March 1, 2019.   Please contact us to inquire further about our pricing. 

Attorney Fee for Purchase $800.00 FLAT
Attorney Fee for Refinance $800.00 FLAT
Attorney Fee for Sale $950.00 FLAT